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CASCADE offers document imaging and scanning services for litigation, merger and acquisition due diligence reviews and for document retention purposes. Each imaging and scanning project is unique, and CASCADE works hand-in-hand with its clients to meet their project requirements.  CASCADE can photocopy, scan, image, bates label (unique numbering) and OCR paper documents simultaneously, and this reduces costs and improves quality. Parties can share documents electronically, on CD-ROMS, or other electronic storage media. We achieve the highest quality standards with attention to detail, proper evidence handling, and rigorous quality control processes. 
CASCADE can also provide project management services for bibliographic or subjective coding of document images, and we deliver load files to meet the appropriate load file configuration for most of the popular document review database tools. 
CASCADE can convert rooms of paper documents and thousands of banker’s boxes full of paper documents into images that are stored in searchable electronic format on hard disk drives to create a virtual filing cabinet. This can help clients avoid countless lost support staff hours that are spent simply looking for lost or misfiled documents.  This also helps businesses reduce internal and off-site storage costs, which are certain to continue to increase.  This process further helps ensure that important records are properly secured, archived and disaster proofed.  
Open 24/7 and available on a nation-wide basis, our Document Imaging and Scanning Services include the following: 

  • Imaging and Scanning of Paper Evidence
  • Imaging and Scanning Paper Documents for Records Retention Projects
  • Uploading of Data Files into Commonly Used Document Management Support Software
  • TIFF and PDF Conversion
  • OCR
  • Coding and Indexing
  • Evidence Preservation Consultation


Call 206.254.0444 to discuss CASCADE’s Document Imaging and Scanning Services.

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